The BBS Corner - List of BBS Lists

The following is a list of BBS Lists for both Telnet and Dial-Up Bulletin Board Systems.

The Telnet BBS Guide

The BBS Corner's Telnet BBS Guide is the Internet's definitive source for Telnet BBS systems since October 1997. Updated monthly with over 400 Telnet BBS systems listed. Your #1 source for Telnet BBS systems!

Site Updated: Monthly (actually more like every week to two weeks)

The US/Canada Dial-Up BBS Guide

The companion guide to the BBS Corner's Telnet BBS Guide. This guide focuses on traditional Dial-Up BBS systems in the United States and Canada. Updated quarterly since 2003.

Site Last updated: Quarterly (January, May, September)


A Telnet BBS List with a twist - each BBS listed on the site has its status updated every 5 minutes, so you know the current operational status of each BBS on the list! Each BBS Sysop runs a special program to let the website know if the BBS is operational or not.

Site Last updated: Continuously


Similar to BBS Finder, this list also updates the list automatically. Instead of each BBS Sysop having to run a program, the website checks on the status of the BBS automatically. And something else very cool - you can sign up on Twitter to get a "tweet" on the status of each BBS. This is very cool! 

Site Last updated: Continuously

MajorMud Message Board - BBS Ads & News

A message board listing of BBS systems that have MajorMud installed.

Site Last updated: 2010

Pweck.Net - The BBS List

A searchable BBS list. Telnet and dial-up BBS systems. 

Site Last updated: 2006

Synchronet BBS List

A listing of telnet and dial-up BBS systems that run Synchronet BBS software. The condition of each BBS is verified daily.

Site Last updated: Daily


A listing of dial-up and telnet BBS systems in the US and Canada.

Site Last updated: 2004