The BBS Users Zone - How to Access BBS Systems

So you want to get started on Bulletin Board Systems? That's great! Here's a guide of Telnet Clients to help you get the best experience of Telnet BBS systems.

Windows 2000 and XP users have a built-in Telnet client that works rather well. Windows Vista and Windows 7 users must "turn on" the Telnet client in those operating systems. (We will add step by step instructions soon.)

OS/2 and Unix (including Linux) users also have built-in Telnet clients. The Telnet client in Linux may not properly display "High ASCII" characters or ANSI colors correctly. Again, use a dedicated Telnet Client to help with your Telnet BBS experience.

These built-in (operating system based) Telnet clients work - but they are not ideal for the full BBS experience. Suggested Telnet clients are listed below. The most highly recommended are mTelnet and SyncTerm. mTelnet is good for OS/2 and Windows, SyncTerm is good for a variety of operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X). Both are freeware.

Telnet Client Software - Windows

Absolute Telnet (Shareware)

mTelnet (Freeware)

NetTerm (Shareware)

SecureCRT (Shareware)

SyncTerm (Freeware)

ZOC (Shareware)

Telnet Client Software - Mac OS X

SyncTerm (Freeware)

The Mac Orchard (various Telnet clients for the Mac)

ZOC (Shareware)

Telnet Client Software - OS/2 

mTelnet (Freeware)

ZOC (Shareware) (Old versions only, no longer supported)

Telnet Client Software - Unix/Linux

SyncTerm (Freeware) -  Net BSD, Solaris, Linux

Dial-Up Terminal Software

Traditional BBS systems (pre-Telnet) are accessed via regular telephone lines over analog modems. However, this requires "Terminal Software". Below are examples of Terminal Software for DOS and Windows platforms.

Telix for DOS

Telix is one of more common brands of Terminal Software

Telix for DOS ver 3.51

Note - Telix for DOS will work in Windows 95/98/2000/XP if you have a regular (non-Winmodem) modem installed.

Telix for Windows

Telix also has a Windows version for Windows 3.1/95/98/2000/XP, etc.

Telix For Windows ver 1.1.5