The BBS Users Zone - Surfing the Web 0.2!

With the Internet, there are many choices to go for social networking. Sure, you've heard of the "Web 2.0" with MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. But how did it all get started? What was life like before the Web? Simple - your local Bulletin Board System! You didn't need to go far to find people in your town because the local BBS was just for your town (unless you called long distance). The BBS is the new "Web 0.2"!

The BBS of the modern Internet era is similar. You still have a small group of people with common interests.

If you have never used a BBS before, you may be wondering what a BBS is all about? Come to the BBS Users Zone to find out what what you've been missing.

BBS Users Frequently Asked Questions

A quick guide for first-time users (and even second-time users) of BBS systems. Most of your questions about BBS systems may be answered here.  

What is a BBS all about - An Introduction

So you're wondering what BBS systems are all about? Look here to get an introduction to the world of Bulletin Board Systems.

If you have never connected to a BBS before - here is a quick guide on how to get connected.

Lists of BBS Listings

Want to know what BBS systems are out there? Here is a list of BBS listings to find systems worldwide.

Files For BBS Users

Files to help BBS users to get connected to BBS systems (coming soon).

A quick history of BBS systems and links to more in depth histories of the famous BBS hobby that has been around for over 30 years.