The BBS Corner - Other BBS Resources & BBS Related Sites

We know we can't list everything a BBS SysOp needs to know (but we try really hard!). Here are links to other BBS related websites that BBS SysOps may wish to visit to learn more about BBS systems.

List of Other BBS Related Websites

The following is a listing of websites that offer BBS information that we don't currently list on the BBS Corner. If you know of a BBS related website that is not listed here, please contact us to have it listed. Thanks!

BBS Archives

Online since 1995, the BBS Archives is a large collection of BBS utilities and doors for all BBS softwware. Also includes BBS development news.

Site Last updated: unknown

BBSFiles.Com - Preserving a part of BBS History. Attempting to collect BBS Door source code and registration keys to allow future sysops a choice of doors to run. Contact information for many BBS door programmers that you won't find anywhere else.

Site Last updated: 2019


BBS Xchange is a banner exchange system just for BBS Sysops.

Site Last updated: 2016

IFDC FileGate Project

Repository for Fidonet several BBS software and utility Filebone echos.

Site Last updated: 2020

Sysops Hub

A new BBS resource website that is opeated in a blog format. Operated by Mark Iezzi.

Site Last updated: 2021

Sysop's Corner

Another BBS resource website. Originally by MaryLou White, now maintained by Mark Hoover.

Site Last updated: 2000

The BBS Organization

The BBS organization is a group of sysops dedicated to promoting BBSing. It was founded by Frank Robbins, Mike Ehlert and Claire Walters. Frank is the webmaster, and Claire is the original author of the Official BBS FAQ. We are currently in the process of bringing the FAQ into the 21st Century. This is the primary focus of the organization. The BBS organization also provides free web hosting and DNS services to BBS related sites and houses a large BBS software file archive.

Site Last updated: 2005