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Welcome to the BBS Corner SysOps Zone. Here is where you can find information on how to set up and run a better Bulletin Board System (BBS).

Starting A New BBS?

What exactly is running a Bulletin Board System (BBS) all about? Seems easy enough, right? Not exactly. Being a BBS SysOp is serious business. Do you have what it takes? If you plan on being one or just getting started as a new SysOp, you might want to read this section.

Telnet BBS Systems - What you need to know

Are you planning on running a Telnet BBS system? It takes a little bit of effort, but the reward is worth it. Here's what you need to know to get started. Even if you're a seasoned BBS SysOp from the dial-up days, you can now run your old BBS via Telnet. Youll find all the information and software links to get you started.

BBS SysOps Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (and answers) from BBS SysOps. If you're wondering about something, look here to see if your questions are answered.

BBS News

Recent news and information on the BBS world. Look here to see what's new in the world of BBS systems (including software releases).

BBS Software

The heart of every BBS is the main BBS software. Without it - you don't have a BBS. Look here for modern BBS software you cand download, and classic BBS software to see where BBSes have been.

BBS Door Games

Games have been a major part of the BBS culture for many years. If you're looking for some games for your BBS, stop by here to see what's available.

BBS Networks

Having a stand-alone BBS that is never connected to other BBS systems can get rather boring after a while. Want to connect to BBS message forum, door game and file networks? Stop by here for a list of popular BBS networks.

The FidoNet BBS Network

FidoNet The largest BBS network in the world with several thousand systems. Learn about the history of the FidoNet BBS network, the technical structure of the network, and how to connect your BBS to FidoNet.

BBS Utilities

There are many third-party utilities that can be used to enhance your BBS. Look here for utilities that are either BBS software specific, or general utilities for a majority of BBS systems.

BBS Related Utilities for Download

Looking for software for your BBS. We are working in a large file repository of BBS related files and software to keep BBSes going worldwide.

Other BBS Resources & BBS Related Sites

We know we can't list everything a BBS SysOp needs to know (but we try really hard!). Here are links to other BBS related websites that BBS SysOps may wish to visit to learn more about BBS systems.