The BBS Corner - BBS Door Games and IGM List

Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) have long been a source of entertainment. BBS "Door Games", text-based external third-party game programs, have been around for many years. The most popular of these has been The Legend of the Red Dragon.

For more information on popular BBS door games, visit our BBS Corner Door Games Descriptions page.

List of BBS Door Games and IGMs

The following is a listing of websites that offer BBS Door Games and In-Game Modules for download. If you know of a BBS Door or IGM website that is not listed here, please contact us to have it listed. Thanks!

Ambroshia: Test of Time

Homepage for the door game Ambroshia: Test of Time. This is the first MAJOR fantasy RPG in years. Come join the realm of spell casting and swordsmanship. Create your kingdom and one day challenge the 4 great avatars to control the world of Ambroshia! Supports Door32.sys and Wildcat Net Server.

Site Last updated: Jun. 2008

BBS Files - Preserving a part of BBS History. A number of old BBS door games are now owned by BBS Files and can be registered online, including those by Brainex Doors, DiSoft Doors and JNS Software Doors. Also a registration site for Livewire Doors and Suburban Software. You can also download a bunch of door games that are hosted at BBS Files.

Site Last updated: Jan. 2009

Castle Camelot Index Page

Home of the LORD Authors Newsletter, and two dozen+ LORD IGMs and Utilities. Primary source for links to LORD web-sites around the world, and to telnet sites where you can play the LORD games.

Site Last updated: Jun. 2007

CompuLink BBS Door Programming

CompuLink BBS Door Programming Home to over 20 BBS door games including ShadowBoard, Power $tocks, MedLink and InterBBS Genealogy.

Site Last updated: 2000

Cheepware BBS Doors

Cheepware is a line of freeware BBS doors and sysop utilities developed by Sean Dennis since 1998. Other people's software have been released through the Cheepware line occasionally. Everything is free, of course.

Site Last updated: Feb. 2009

John Dailey Software

Developer of Dungeon Master door game, current developer of Barren Realms Elite, Solar Realms Elite, Falcon's Eye, Falcon's Honor and The Arcadian Legends, Global War and Global Backgammon.

Site Last updated: 2005

Damned Software Productions

Damned Software creates freeware BBS programs and addons for a variety of BBS systems. Its signature BBS door is called Darkness.

Site Last updated: 2001


Dark Lands is a multi-player cross-platform RPG text based game.

Site Last updated: 2006


DavisWARE has the largest collection of New Age BBS door games on the market The one thing that makes our door games and programs unique from all the others is the fact that ANYONE can use our games.

Site Last updated: unknown

Door Distribution System

DDSDOORS is a Fidonet based file echo for BBS doors. DDSDOORS distributes doorgames, utilities and other BBS files of interest very quickly at no cost to the author. Information is also available on having YOUR file hatched into the DDSDOORS file echo.

Site Last updated: Jun. 2002


DoorMUD is an affordable, high-quality MUD (multi-user dungeon) that will run on any BBS software capable of running doorgames. DoorMUD features fast-paced real-time combat, excellent multinode interaction, a high-powered command interface and a huge game world with over 2100+ rooms for players to explore.

Site Last updated: Sep. 2005

Epic Interactive Strategy

Home to Trade Wars 2002, Trade Wars 2002 Gold and Trade Wars Game Server (TWGS) where you can run a telnet TW2002 game without a host BBS.

Site Last updated: 2001

Jibben Software

Home to BBS door games such as Roll The Bones, Boxcars, Galactic Overlord, and Mines of Gorr.

Site Last updated: 1999

LORD Legacy

Home to the current developer of the Legend of the Red Dragon BBS door game. Downloads of the current game as well as other former Seth Robinson games such as LORD II, Planets:TEOS and LOR IGMs.

Site Last updated: 2008

Metropolis Gameport

The current owners and registration website for Legend of the Red Dragon, LORD II and Planets TEOS. Also home to Worldgroup based BBS door games such as MajorMud and addons.

Site Last updated: 2005

OS/2 Native BBS Doors and Games

Door games that are native programs for the OS/2 operating system.

Site Last updated: 1998

N-E-Ware/Prowler Productions

Home to Lunatix, one of the most popular BBS door games EVER! Here, you'll also find Time Port (totally FREEware now) Mystic Messages, RageTerm, Forget-It, Shift Zone, Lunatix 4.xx (door) and 5.xx (WG/MBBS) IGM's, and lots more! Also, a link will take you to the Worldgroup/MajorBBS site (Prowler Productions) which is home to Lunatix 5.xx, Mystic Messages for wg/mbbs, the awesome Distant Places IGM script-processing addon for Tournament Legend of the Red Dragon, and more!

Site Last updated: 1999/2003

Operation: Overkill

Discussion forum the BBS door game Operation Overkill.

Site Last updated: 2009

Planet Zentax

Home of Defenders of Zentax BBS door game.

Site Last updated: Jan. 2004

Rex Stahlhood Software

Maker of Door Games that use RIP (Remote Imaging Protocol) graphics.

Site Last updated: Unknown

Shining Star Software

Various BBS doors including MoonDust's County Fair, Dr. Dread, Spiked, Don't Wake the Sysop, Punchline, Trekkie Tags, Jacob's Ladder, Door Fury, Door Rage, Phantom of the Catacombs, MoonChat, Leviathan's Reef.

Site Last updated: 1999

Star Wars Trilogy Trivia

Home to Star Wars Trilogy BBS door game. 5 levels of competition. Over 60 questions compiled from sources around the globe. Questions about actors, pilots, aliens, basic trivia, and much much more.

Site Last updated: unknown

Sunrise Door Software

Serving the Online BBS community continuously since 1989 with quality service, quality support and THE largest quality BBS door product line in the world! Our 16-Bit products work on any BBS software platform capable of running Door programs. We also have a product line of 32-Bit Doors made specifically for the WINServer BBS platform and a HOME EDITION line of products that can be played on your home computer and optionally participate in the InterBBS/InterHOME Competition.

Site Last updated: Jan. 2010

TayNik Software

Home several door games including Interstellar Annihilation.

Site Last updated: 2005

T&T Software

Home to BBS doors for most brands of BBS software, some doors specific for Spitfire BBS software, IGMs for LORD, and also makes some general BBS related utilities.

Site Last updated: Mar. 2004

TWAR Tradewars 2002 Helper

Trade Wars Helper is a Windows based program for players of Trade Wars 2002. It helps users with commands and scripts used within the game. Compatible with all varieties (regular, MBBS, Gold, etc) and with the latest versions. Has pull down GUI menus. Allows you to access TW games via the Internet with a built in Telnet client. Also has a bookmark feature to remember locations (stardocks, etc).

Site Last updated: 1998

UltraSoft BBS Door Games

This includes UltraSoft Animated Door Games, Shareware and Freeware. Using animation and sound effects UltraSoft became quite highly rated and acclaimed in the early-mid 90's for their unique series of BBS Door Games unlike any other. Since then most of these programs have had upgrades and are available in recent update packages for download.

Site Last updated: Unknown

Usurper Official Home Page

Home to Usurper, the famous RPG based BBS door game.

Site Last updated: Sep. 2009

Vagabond Software

Home to a number of BBS doors, door IGMs and door utilities.

Site Last updated: 2008