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Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) have long been a source of entertainment. BBS "door games", text-based external third-party game programs, have been around for many years. The most popular of these has been The Legend of the Red Dragon.

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A typical BBS has several BBS door games of different types. The most pouplar type of door game is the Role-playing Game (RPG). But there are other games that are popular with users. Door games are usually compatible with most brands of BBS software. Door games use a special file called a "drop file" to provide information to the game itself. Popular drop files are DOOR.SYS, CHAIN.TXT and DORINFO.DEF. If your BBS supports any or all of these, chances are your BBS can play most of these games. Worldgroup BBS is a noted exception because of it's unique setup. There are special games that have been produced for Worldgroup.

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In-Game Modules (IGMs) are third-party applications that work in conjunction with BBS door games to give additional functionality. These are popular with the Legend of the Red Dragon door game.

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List of Popular BBS Door Games and IGMs

The following is a brief list of the most popular BBS games. We cannot possibly add ALL the games that have ever been created. However, if you know of a POPULAR BBS door game that is not listed, please contact us and let us know!

Arrowbridge I and II

Arrowbridge is a freeware BBS Door written in Quick Basic Mark Sinclair. Arrorwbridge II is the sequel to the original Arrowbridge (now known as Arrowbridge I) game.
Players can select from one of six character classes. Players will need to explore the extensive land and descend into the multi-level dungeons and dragon lairs. Players can joust each other, build castles, perform special missions, gather hints from NPC's, search for the magical orb fragments, and encounter other sleeping players.
Arrowbridge II also features the capability of game coordinators creating their own lands, dungeons, missions and hints using a custom Map Editor. The game also has an inter-bbs option, where players can raise armies to invade player armies on other Bulletin Board Systems.

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Barren Realms Elite

Barren Realms Elite or BRE is a multi-player bulletin board system strategy game.

Barren Realms Elite is a 25-player strategic war game originally by Mehul Patel. One feature of the game was the ability for a bulletin board system to compete against other BBSs. Each BBS would function as its own distinct planet in a universe of planets, where the universe comprised all of the BBSs that agreed to host the game together. Messages and attacks would travel from planet to planet on a regular basis as the BBS systems called each other to transmit and receive data. The focus on inter-BBS play completely changed the game dynamics, and both BRE and SRE continued to be developed for several years.

John Daily Software now owns the rights to and continues to release registration for Barren Realms Elite. 

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Falcon's Eye

Falcon's Eye or FE is a multi-player bulletin board system strategy game. The game was created by Mehul Patel, now owned by John Dailey Software.
Gameplay is similar to BRE in a different setting. In Falcon's Eye, a player controls a county within a mythical, medieval world. Players must develop their county's economy, employ their people, construct buildings, create a military and expand their lands.
Falcon's Eye has more variables than BRE. A player's county can belong to one of many races; workers can be employed in various types of jobs; different buildings may be built on a county's land; and various types of spells may be cast.
Players compete for the "Falcon's Eye," a glass eye from a famous sculpture of a falcon. It is awarded each day to the player with the highest score. The player who possesses the Eye gains several advantages over other players, though his population will become more demanding, which results in a lower approval rating.

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Kannons and Katapults

Kannons and Katapults is a BBS door game written by Alan Davenport. The game is a one player BBS door in which you challenge "King Computer" in a turn based strategy game. The object of the game is to defeat King Computer by either destroying his castle, defeating his army, or assassinating him by trying to sneak past his guards.

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Legend of the Red Dragon

Legend of the Red Dragon (LoRD) is a text-based role-playing game written in Pascal and run on Bulletin board systems as a third party door game. It was created by Seth Robinson of Robinson Technologies and is currently owned by Metropolis Gameport, while the game is maintained by Michael Preslar. The player's goal is to improve his or her skills in order to defeat the Red Dragon which has been attacking the village. LoRD was first released in 1989.

The premise of LoRD is that a Red Dragon is wreaking havoc in a town where the player has recently arrived. Multiple players compete over a period of weeks to advance their skills and to kill the dragon. In order to achieve this goal, players must face combat to gain experience. Once they have gained enough experience, they must face their master at Turgon's Warrior Training and advance in skill level. Advancement presents stronger enemies and masters; a player must reach level 12, the final level, before challenging Turgon himself and attacking the dragon.

Sale to Metropolis Gameport and Future Development
Robinson sold the game and its sequel to Metropolis Gameport in 1998 to concentrate on writing other small games for PC and mobile platforms. His final release was 4.00a.
Metropolis Gameport contracted Michael Preslar on January 8th, 2001, to continue the game's development. The most recent version of LORD (4.07) was released in 2006. According to Preslar, further updates to the LORD software are planned, including a web application and versions for ELF-compatible Linux and Unix systems.

Tournament LORD
Tournament LORD was a port of Legend of the Red Dragon capable of handling many players at once. It was written by Robinson and designed for the MajorBBS/Worldgroup BBS systems.

Wildcat Tournament Legend of the Red Dragon (WT-LORD)
Wildcat Tournament Legend of the Red Dragon (WT-LORD) is a multi-player battle game created for Wildcat! 5.x Bulletin Board Systems (Wildcat! BBS). Joe Marcelletti and Allan Benjamin arranged a deal with Robinson prior to the sale to Metropolis software. The software includes a large amount of customized code, including integration with the Wildcat! BBS software. It was maintained by IceRage Technologies however is no longer being developed or supported.

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Legend of the Red Dragon II (LoRD II)

An official sequel, Legend of the Red Dragon II: New World, was a major change from the first game, featuring full ANSI graphics. It employed a top-down view, similar to roguelike games and The Pit. LORD II was written by Robinson and its final release came in 1998, before its sale to Metropolis Gameport.

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MajorMUD is a Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) for the Major BBS and Worldgroup BBS software. MajorMUD was created in the early 1990s and is currently owned by Metropolis Gameport (since May 1999). MajorMUD itself was initially offered as a separate game module for the MajorBBS. Despite its significant price tag, MajorMUD was noted to be one of the most wildly popular packages to MajorBBS sysops.

A total of 9 expansion modules, or "mods", were released over a period of several years, each in kind for an additional fee to the system owner. Over the years, a total of 9 content modules were released. The MajorMUD website still lists Module 10 as a future update, however seeing as how there has been no news about this module since 2003, and since Module 9 was released in 2001, many now believe that Module 10 will never be released.

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The Pit

The Pit is a Bulletin Board System (BBS) game using basic ANSI art and text database information. Players fight in a rectangular grid against computer or human opponents. Starting out with thin armor and a weak sword, with each win over opponents, your character becomes stronger with better weapons. Aside from Melee weapons, you can also purchase or find projectile weapons (eg. a longbow). In addition to basic combat items, you can also use potions and other magic items (though you don't always know what you are using). If you find an opponent too powerful, you can beg for mercy (not always successfully), or exit through the single doorway (assuming you can reach the doorway without getting killed). Opponents include the most basic and easy to defeat slave and the near-immortal Norse gods, such as Odin and Thor. You can also attack other human players, who are set on automatic. Players get a number of play sessions per day (usually three), and each play session ends in either a player death or the session timer expiring.
Originally created and programmed by James R. Berry in the late 1980s and early 1990s. To play the game, you will need either a telnet client capable of displaying code page 437 like SyncTERM, or the EGA graphics client.

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Planets: The Exploration of Space

Planets: The Exploration of Space is a text-based BBS (Bulletin board system) door game originally created by Seth Robinson of Robinson Technologies. It was the company's second major hit, following Legend of the Red Dragon. The first release came in 1992, which was followed by a new version in 1996. The latest version, 2.02 was released around 2001. Planets: TEOS for short, is a space drama that revolves around the interplanetary trading of goods. The main game play involves players buying items from one space station and transporting their purchases to another in hopes of selling the them at a profit.
In 1998, Seth Robinson sold Planets: The Exploration of Space, along with Legend of the Red Dragon to Metropolis Gameport. Originally, support for the game was reported to be limited. However, Gameport has contracted Michael Preslar to continue development on the game, along with Legend of the Red Dragon and its sequel. The latest version of Planets: TEOS is 2.02 and a "demo" version is available from Metropolis Gameport's website. 

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Swords of Chaos

Swords of Chaos is a Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) type game for the Major BBS and Worldgroup BBS software, allowing it to be played over a dial-up connection with a modem: since the advent of the internet, it is also possible to use a telnet connection. Swords of Chaos is a game written in the medieval adventure clich? The distinctive innovation of the game was a real-life timer used during combat. There is no overarching goal other than exploring, killing monsters and collecting gold in order to increase the player's level. You can also socialize with other people connected to the game and help each other out. There is no ending boss to kill to finish the game, it goes on almost forever.

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Tele-Arena is an online multiplayer fantasy RPG developed in the 1990s by Sean Ferrell for the MajorBBS bulletin board system. Tele-Arena is a BBS Game Module similar to a MUD, this module can only be played on MajorBBS or Worldgroup BBS software. The game uses a text-based interface whereby the player would enter text commands for their character to execute and would receive a text response of the outcome. Currently Tele-Arena can be played on the internet via telnet.  

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Trade Wars 2002

TradeWars 2002, also known as Trade Wars 2002 or TW2002, is a space game developed starting in 1984 and continuing through the 1980s by Gary Martin for play as a BBS door game, with later versions developed by John Pritchett both for BBS and, starting in 1998, a devoted game server called TWGS (Trade Wars Game Server).[1] The player is a trader in a galaxy with a fixed set of other players (either human or computer). The players seek to gain control of a limited set and amount of resources (specifically fuel ore, organics, and equipment) and travel through sectors of the galaxy trading them for money or undervalued resources. Players use their wealth to upgrade their spaceship with better weapons and defenses and fight for control of planets and starbases.

TW2002 takes a large investment of time compared to most door games. Some modern TW2002 tournaments allow an infinite number of turns, and the most dedicated players devote most of their spare time over several days to the race for galactic dominance.

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Ultimate Universe

Ultimate Universe is a space exploration and trading game developed in the 1990s by Garth Bigelow as TopherSoft Engineering. It is a Bulletin Board System Door Game similar to Trade Wars 2002.

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Usurper is a BBS door game created by Jakob Dangarden in 1993. The interface and gameplay are similar to 1989's Legend of the Red Dragon. The most recently released version is 0.20e released in September 2009.

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Yankee Trader

Yankee Trader, by Alan Davenport, is a "door" text-based game released in 1990 from the BBS era, which ran on MS-DOS BBSes. It is similar to TradeWars 2002 and was originally released in 1987 as Trade Wars 1000. One year later, Trade Wars 2002 adopted most, but not all of Yankee Trader's innovations.

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