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The BBS Corner welcomes comments and feedback from our users. We also welcome information about BBS related websites that should be listed on our site. We strive to be an "all inclusive" website. With your help we can list as many BBS related websites as we can. We also take donations, so let us know if you're willing to donate to the cause. (We'll eventually get a PayPal account).

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Please fill out the contact form below. We must use this method instead of just an E-mail address to prevent spam. We can't prevent all spam, but we hate it just about as bad as you do (proabaly more so!).

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Please use this form if you have a question, comment or site submittal. We are are a one man band and don't have any jobs available (sorry!). However, we will take volunteers to help with the site (extensive HTML knowledge required!)

If you have a Telnet BBS and wish to have it listed, please visit our sister website The Telnet BBS Guide and add your BBS on there. Thanks!

Note: WE DON'T DO "SITE LINK" PARTNERSHIPS! Don't even try to leave us a message because we'll just delete it and bounce your message back to your ISP.

We don't keep your information, but please be truthful on who you are and a valid E-mail address (otherwise we can't or won't reply!). Thanks!

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