The BBS Corner - BBS Utilities

BBS Utilities are third-party software programs used to enhance a BBS system or to offer additional features up and beyond the features that were designed in a particular kind of BBS software.

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Mystic BBS Utilities

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Synchronet BBS Utilities

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WWIV BBS Utilities

WWIV at Sourceforge

WWIV has gone Open Source and so have many of their utilities. These are available here as well as news and other events regarding WWIV.
Site Last updated: 2020

BBS Graphics (ANSI, RIP, etc.)

ACiD Productions

ACiD has a large collection of "ANSI packs" loaded with good ANSI screen graphics.
Site Last updated: 2006

FOSSIL Drivers

AnDan FOSSIL Driver (ADF)

Home to ADF Fossil software/serial port driver for Bulletin Board Systems
Site Last updated: 2020


NetFoss allows DOS based BBS software to be used over a Telnet connection or a COM port under Windows. NetFoss will work with any DOS based software that is `FOSSIL aware', such as BBS programs, BBS doors, and serial/modem communication terminals. NetFoss can also be used with native Win32 BBS programs, to allow DOS based doors to be run via Telnet. NetFoss includes the Net2BBS Telnet server, and NetFoss is also compatible with several third-paty Telnet servers. Nearly all DOS based BBS software can be run with these using NetFoss.
Site Last updated: 2020

FidoNet Message Transfer and Mail Tossing Software

Definite Solutions

Makers of the FrontDoor suite of front-end Fidonet tossing software including: FrontDoor, FrontDoor APX/DOS, FrontDoor APX/w, FrontDoor FX.
Site Last updated: 2020


FMail is a shareware echomail processor for networks that use Fidonet technology.
Site Last updated: 2020

Internet Rex

Internet Rex is a tool for BBS sysops to transfer netmail over the Internet. Its main goal is to provide an easy to use yet very flexible way to get mail from one BBS to another using the Internet's services. Native versions for Win95/WinNT, OS/2 and DOS.
Site Last updated: Unknown

RIT Labs

Makers of Argus - a native 32-bit Win 95/NT comprehensive FTN Mailer designed to work as a multi-line system using two widely used data exchange transports - Dial-up networking and TCP/IP - simultaneously.
Site Last updated: 2020

Other BBS Utility Resource Sites

BBS Archives

Online since 1995, the BBS Archives is a large collection of BBS utilities and doors for all BBS software. Also includes BBS development news.
Site Last updated: 2005

Cheepware Utilities

Freeware BBS utilities.
Site Last updated: 2020

Demonic Productions

BBS modding, Doors and Utilities for a number of different BBS softwares.
Site Last updated: 2006

Magic Designs

Makers of MAGiCNote, MAGiCWall, MAGiC BBSList, MAGiCNote GOLD.
Site Last updated: 1998

Project GoldEd+

Home to GoldEd+, a full-featured mail/news reader for Fidonet and Internet. It is highly configurable, using plain text files. It supports a wide variety of messagebase formats, including JAM, Squish, *.MSG, Hudson, Goldbase, PCBoard, WildCat! and AdeptXBBS. GoldED is available for many platforms: DOS, DOS 32-bit, OS/2, Win32 and Linux.
Site Last updated: 2007

R & M Software

Makers of a number of BBS related utilities such as Dialup-to-Telnet, GameSrv, HexColour, MAMU, MannADT, MannDoor, and MannIRC.
Site Last updated: 2020