The BBS Corner - BBS Message and Game Networks

Long before the Internet, there were "networks" that were formed to transfer messages between BBS systems. Later these networks were augmented to also transfer shareware files and even Inter-BBS door game files.

Prior to the Internet, messages and files were transferred from one BBS to another via a dial-up modem system, but in recent years are now using the Internet. This section will discuss modern-day BBS networks, the transfer mechanisms and a listing of available BBS networks that BBS sysops can belong to.

Fidonet BBS Network

The Fidonet BBS Network has been around for well over 25 years. It is the first worldwide BBS network and is still in service today. Originally a point-to-point BBS network via dial-up modems, Fidonet has transformed via modern Internet protocols to transfer message and file data in near-real time to various hubs around the world.

Further Info: The Fidonet BBS Network

Other BBS Networks

The following is a list of various BBS networks available for BBS Sysops to join. The vast majority of these use the Fidonet Technology Network (FTN) as the basis for message handling, which means that it is compatible with most BBS software. Other methods include QWK message transfer which is used by some BBS systems (such as Synchronet and WWIV). If you operate a BBS Network and don't see yours listed, please Contact Us and ask that we add it to our list!


Inter-BBS gaming. Uses InternetRex for file transfers.


The official BBS network for Synchronet BBS systems. It is not limited to Synchronet, as any BBS that can support QWK messaging can subscribe.


FsxNet is a fun, simple and experimental network established in late 2015. It is a modern BBS network that is based in New Zealand but has over 100 nodes in the US, Canada and other countries. A mix of Mystic, Synchronet and other BBSes.

GameNet BBS Network

What is GameNet about? It is a FTN/QWK network for BBS's with a games & gaming focus. If you run a BBS we would love to have you join us.


Huge echo base, Lots of Games, File Bone and more. Apply online or download and fill out the app and mail it in.

ILink International Echomail Network

ILink is the first QWK mail network. Our internationally recognized BBSs exchange mail in more than 200 conferences on a regular basis, facilitating communication between the users of these globally-scattered systems. Thousands of messages are moved by the network every month, in conferences ranging from chitchat to vendor support for software or hardware products.

Intelec Echomail Network

A large echomail network started in September 1989.

JustaXnet International

JustaXnet is a small BBS Network compared to some, but we have a great time none the less. We have boards connected through out North America, Europe, Australia, Asia and the Middle East and we're still growing. Besides direct land line connections, we also offer mail via FTP and Transx (Email attach) for those systems that support that mode of mail transfer. This keeps mail costs low and mail traffic high. We are a great network, free, promote BBS'n and have a lot of fun in the process.

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The Micronet Information Network (a.k.a. Micronet) is a FTN-based BBS mail network that was founded on September 1, 2000 by Sean Dennis. Micronet also features QWK and NNTP feeds for BBS systems. We have an international reach in our network. We have nodes in the US, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Argentina, Czech Republic, Australia, and Lebanon. Of course, there's always more room to grow. Fun fact: The network's zone number is the telephone area code for Southern Illinois which where the network was founded.

ToadNet International

Toadnet offers Sysops and Users: Access to the newest Shareware files via our Toadnet File Bone. Access to International Message Areas including Computing support, Chat echo's and more! Easy mail transfers via our FTP site. InterBBS games such as BRE. We now feature Internet routing of game packets! Internet E-mail accounts for a small fee. Too much more to list! 

Trans-Canada Network

TCnet is Canada's Community Oriented message network and open to any board based in Canada. It's available via direct connect, TransX and other internet mods of exchange.


The Zero Network came about from frequent discussion about the loss of an underground BBS scene. The zero network is only interested in good quality underground bulletin board systems. You will find intelligent discussion based around the art scene, the BBS scene and the h/p underground. Zeronet is also the official network of Damage, Inc. .