The BBS Corner - Site News & Updates

This page shows significant site updates since we launched our new site in December 2009.

December 2009

The BBS Corner went through a MAJOR site update in December 2009. It has been in the making since March 2009, but due to other commitments the project did not finish (at least in a form that was half way decent) until December. This was the biggest site change since the BBS Corner went online in April 1996 - over 13 years ago.

New domain name - Finally got off of the old domain (leaving that exclusively for the Diamond Mine Online), now on it's own domain

Updated pages - Major updating of site pages

New pages - Added new pages to help explain things and keep up with changing times on the Internet.

January 2010

Miscellaneous bug fixes throughout.

Will be adding new features such as file downloads and chat forums as time permits

February 2010

Added a new entry to the Virtual Modem page:

Running a DOS-based BBS through Linux and Telnet - Mike Trelinski has made a blog entry showing how it is easy it is to run a DOS based BBS in Linux.