The BBS Corner - Site History

The BBS Corner has been around almost as long as the World Wide Web has been. We hae had a pretty long history since our inception in April 1996.

Our Beginnings - 1996 to 2000

The BBS Corner started in April of 1996 when the webmaster of TheDirectory of BBSes and ISPs offered a partnership with a willing BBS Sysop to develop a website devoted to Bulletin Board Systems. This partnership lasted through the end of 2000. For first few years, we were sub-sub directory off of an Internet provider called (long ago out of business). Later, we were a sub-directory off of the TheDirectory website. We went through several web design styles back in the days before CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and more modern HTML coding.

In October 1997 a spinoff website was created called The Telnet BBS Guide . This website is a sister site to The BBS Corner and offers Telnet BBS listings of over 400 BBS systems worldwide and is updated on a monthly basis. This was also hosted at TheDirectory during this time period.

Our own server - 2001 to 2008

In 2001, the BBS Corner moved to a different domain but was still in a sub-directory. The main website was the website associated with the Diamond Mine Online BBS. Again we went through several web designs in the pre-CSS era. For the last several years the site was "dormant" and was not updated on a regular basis since our time was devoted elsewhere.

The Telnet BBS Guide was also moved to the Diamond Mine Online website server and for several years was a sub-directory from the main site. The Telnet BBS Guide was moved to its own domain in July 2006.

On a new domain - 2009 to 2019

There has been a big push to convert the website to its own domain, separate of any other domain to give the site its own identity and to promote BBS systems into the future.

In December 2009 a new website was launched to better promote the updated text-style traditional BBS system but with a fresh and clean interface. This website uses CSS and JavaScript code to make this site more user friendly.

Unfortunately updates didn't happen as often as they should have been. Things were somewhat left by the wayside.  

The Future - 2020 to Present

What does the futrue hold? Hopefully converting the site to WordPress in early 2020. 

This new site will be updated on a regular basis and will offer more information than was available before. Stay tuned for new and exciting features to be added as time permits.

Site Administration

The BBS Corner is operated and maintaned by the System Operator (Sysop) of the Diamond Mine Online BBS (or telnet to in Fredericksburg, VA USA. This is a one person operation. We are not for profit (in fact we operate at a substantial loss!) but are willing to accept donations. Eventually there will be a PayPal link on the site.

If you wish to contact The BBS Corner, please contact us at the link below.

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