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The BBS Corner is the only website that offers information on Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) for both the BBS System Operator (SysOp) and the BBS User . We have been offering information, news and files since April 1996. We have been on the web now for over 23 years! 

What we offer for BBS Sysops

We offer information for the BBS sysop to set up and operate a tradtional text-based BBS system. This is not a website that describes how to set up a web-based "bulletin" board such as phpBB or vBulletin. What we offer is help for the "old school" style BBS system. But it's more than just that.

The definition of a BBS has changed over time. No longer are we just a modem dial-up system running at a whopping 2400 baud (for you youngsters, that's pretty darn slow). Instead we are connected to the Internet and offer other services such as a Web interface, FTP and more - depending on how sophisticated the system is.

The BBS is still alive and well. On average there around 500 to 600 BBS systems throughout the world at any moment in time. We cater to those who are trying to keep the tradition alive.

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What we offer for BBS Users

We offer information for the BBS user to get acquainted to the concept of the traditional text-based Bulletin Board System. The concept is new to a number of people who use the Internet. If the user has never used a traditional BBS system, they will be in for a surprise when they see a text-based system where their mouse no longer works and they need to use "old school" keyboard commands. BBSing is more than just using an old interface - it is a tight-knit community where there is a sense of "family" that you may not be able to experience on the Internet.

So what we try to do is to help the BBS user - either someone who used a BBS in the 80s or 90s, or someone brand new - to understand the concept of what is out there, what to expect, and how to access these systems. It is like finding a diamond in a diamond mine (yes, pun very much intended). You don't know it is there unless you go looking for it or if someone lets you know it is there. Hence the reason for the site is to let potnetial users know that: 1) BBS systems are out there in full force, 2) where to find them and 3) how to use them.

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Site Administration

The BBS Corner is operated and maintaned by the System Operator (aka Sysop) of the Diamond Mine Online BBS (or telnet to in Fredericksburg, VA USA. This is a one person operation and does not employ anybody. We are not for profit (in fact we operate at a substantial loss!) but are willing to accept donations. (Please click on the Donate button on this page - fill in the amount you wish to donate. It's up to you!)

If you wish to contact The BBS Corner, please contact us at the link below.

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